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Manufacturing & Engineering

Manufacturing & Engineering

Continuous improvements is necessary and hence, every business needs improvement strategies for better functioning of the business and ABIA consultancy helps in doing the needful.

Our lean methodology helps in identifying defects and eliminating wastes from product, process and transactions. Our quality solutions are flexible that helps your organization uncover solutions. Our structured approach for providing solutions helps in achieving strategic business results through an intelligent step-by-step procedure.

In ABIA Consultancy, the tools and techniques used are the best from all their alternatives that aids us in providing right solution for the right problem. We don’t just impose solutions for outside. We rather dig deep into the problem and discover solutions through observations gathered during the project journey. Although lean methodology is quite typical to manufacturing sector, but today its techniques can be easily applied in normal office environment as well.

This is what we do:-

  • Lean Manufacturing Techniques
  • LeMW: Lean enterprise Most Way
  • Transforming Mindsets
  • Know the Problem
  • Find the Solution
  • Establishing New Enterprises
  • Transforming Running Organizations
  • Standalone Training Programs and Workshops
  • ‘J’ Programs of Training Within Industry (TWI)
  • Benefits of ‘J’ Programs

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